What Is BGMC?

BGMC, or Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, is a missions education program dedicated to teaching kids how to PRAY for our missionarys, GIVE to help them do their work, and GO tell others about Jesus.

Our Mission



Kids learn what God’s Word says about praying and about His will for their life and the lives of others. They will learn how to pray for their friends, neighbors, missionaries, and the spiritually lost people of the world.


Kids will learn how to be used by God by giving their time, talents, energy, and offerings-so that others at home and in foreign countries can learn about the love of Jesus.


Kids will learn how to GO by not only helping in outreach efforts in their community and in missions trips within their state; but by also raising funds so that our foreign missionaries can reach the world for Jesus.

New York Is Making A Difference For BGMC

New Projects For 2017

Malcolms in Africa   

Africa’s children need to know Jesus.
Missionaries Phil & Robin

Malcolm live in Togo and teach Africa’s KidMin workers basic children’s ministry principles and creative teaching methods all over Africa. They are making a difference to create dynamic children’s ministries across Africa. Every trained worker goes back to equip others and to teach hundreds more children to know and grow in Jesus. $50 will train one worker, $5,000 will pay for an entire training event. Make Kids Ministry Rock for Jesus in Africa. Throw the pebble and create the Ripple.

Rosch family in Panama

Kids in Panama cannot attend school without a uniform.

Missionaries Terry & Bridget Rosch and their kids will be returning to Panama this summer and would love to uniform lots of kids in outreaches to schools and neighborhoods. Imagine this. Kid gets a uniform; they get to go to school; and Missionary Terry or Bridget tell them Jesus loves them. Boom! $10 buys one uniform. How many uniforms can New York supply for the Roschs this year?

Kids Need BGMC!

BGMC is equipping kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost. Through BGMC kids will learn about countries, people groups, and missionaries. They’ll also learn about the “lost” and how important it is to be a witness.

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